Can Somebody Please Remind Layton He Didn’t Win

I realize that finishing second and becoming the Official Opposition must feel like a huge win for Jack Layton and the NDP. But I think somebody needs to remind Layton that the NDP didn’t actually win the election. According to the ‘victory speech’ Layton just gave to his supporters, he thinks the NDP will “assume office” and will work to bring about all the things he talked about during the election. But as much as their huge gain in seats may feel like a win, as the Official Opposition to a majority government the NDP will have virtually no power in Parliament. As strange as it may sound, if the NDP had been slightly less successful at pulling votes from the Liberals and Bloc the Conservatives might not have won the majority, and the NDP might have actually had the power to accomplish some of the things Layton talked about in his ‘victory speech’. But that’s not what happened, the Conservatives won their majority, and now all Jack gets to do is yell at Harper from the across the isle.

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