Dear Brad Trost, You’re An Idiot

Rob Ford won the recent Toronto Mayoral election based mostly on his conservative fiscal policy. Many in Canada viewed that as a sign that a lot of voters were sick and tired of “tax-and-spend” politicians. Those voters are the ones that the Conservative Party of Canada should be courting with their “Low-Tax Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth.” But every time a socially conservative back bencher in the CPC party starts talking about their personal desire to ban abortion or ban gay marriage, the Conservative party alienates a bunch of people who otherwise would have voted Conservative.

As I understand it, neither the Conservative Party of Canada nor the Liberal Party of Canada have an official position on abortion. Both parties have members that are pro-choice and both parties have members that are pro-life. But the leadership of both parties tend to view the issue as a bit of a political land mine and try to avoid talking about it. Apparently that didn’t stop Conservative MP Brad Trost from opening his mouth.

Given that there are pro-life people in the Liberal Party of Canada there’s a good chance that there’s at least a few Liberal MPs who personally desire to ban abortion and/or ban gay marriage. But they’re all smart enough to keep their mouths shut, at least publicly. So the Liberal party will likely do their best to avoid commenting on Trost’s remarks in a desire not to offend voters; they’ll leave it up to the NDP and Bloc, both are officially pro-choice, to bang on the Conservatives. But behind closed doors I imagine most Liberal MPs will be quietly thanking Brad Trost for idiotically alienating voters who might have otherwise voted Conservative. Voters who are now likely to vote Liberal or not at all. Either way, it’s a win for the Liberals.

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