Copyright Law And The Record Labels

Earlier this year the big record labels in Canada settled a copyright lawsuit by agreeing to pay over $50 million to compensate for hundreds of thousands of infringing uses of sound recordings. Just to be clear, this is the record labels that were committing copyright infringement, not music consumers. It appears that they settled for two reasons, they were as guilty as sin, and if the case went to court they could have been found liable for damages totaling almost $6 billion. It looks like the largest music copyright violators in Canada might be the record labels themselves. Something to keep in mind when considering whether consumer rights should be sacrificed in Bill C-11 in order to protect the profits of those same big record labels.

For more info. on the legal case against the record labels check out:

For more info. on the various problems with Bill C-11 and how it sacrifices consumer rights check out:

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