“Every Year In This Country 300 Kids Take Their Own Lives”

I think that at one point or another almost all kids, even the popular ones, and even the bullies themselves become a victim of bullying. But there are some kids that spend the bulk of their childhood as the targets of harassment – and that’s just got to stop because the apparent cost is far too high.

Below is a rant from Rick Mercer of The Mercer Report. In the rant he talks about how it’s appropriate that grief councilors go into a school after a suicide, but he also asks “What about the old fashion assembly? You know, where the cops show up and there’s hell to pay. And they find out who’s responsible.”

I’m not a lawyer, but a quick read of the Canadian Department of Justice’s “Criminal Harassment: A Handbook For Police And Crown Prosecutors” seems to indicate that what we as adults often refer to as “bullying” is actually “criminal harassment”. I think it’s far past time for teachers, school officials, police, parents and most importantly kids to start calling a spade a bloody shovel. And it’s far past time to start treating bullies as criminals.

Maybe if more bullies got arrested and were held accountable for their activities we’d end up with fewer child suicides. After all, don’t we have a responsibility to make sure that it’s the criminals who pay the price and not their victims.

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