Ontario Election Results Are Frightening

Three things I find scary about the Ontario provincial elections yesterday:

1) The Liberals won a minority. Under Liberal rule the Ontario government debt has almost doubled, from $148 billion in 2003 to an estimated $283 billion in 2012, this despite a significant increase in “revenue” (the McGuinty government’s euphemism for taxes). Back in August the Liberals happily announced that their budget deficit for the year will only be $14 billion (they initially expected it to be $5.7 billion higher). Which basically means that this year the Liberals knowingly over spent by $14 billion. Now does anybody think, having only won a minority, that the Liberals will actually cut spending by $14 billion; which is what they’d have to do to keep from increasing the debt. A minority government has never, ever, cut spending. So it’s almost certain that by the next election, even if it’s only 12 months from now, the Ontario debt will be over $300 billion. Tell me that’s not scary.

2) A few months ago the polls indicated that this election was pretty much the PC party’s election to lose; and lose it they did. The PC party had a pretty good shot at winning the provincial election in 2007 too – at least until John Tory decided to shoot himself in the foot with religious school funding. The last two elections seem to make one thing perfectly clear, that no matter how badly the Liberals screw up running the province, the Ontario PC party will screw up their own election campaigns even more. Needless to say this doesn’t make me at all confident for the next election. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not hoping for a PC victory as much as I’m hoping that somebody will get elected who’ll reduce spending, reduce the public debt, and actually put some money away for a rainy day (ie: the next major recession – which could be just around the corner if the US economy doesn’t improve). Unfortunately the Liberals have already proven that even when the economy is strong they’ll increase the public debt even while increasing taxes. So for those of us who believe that government shouldn’t spend more than they take in, and shouldn’t be forever increasing taxes, our only hope seems to be the PC party – which is more than a little scary, especially when they can’t win an election even if it’s handed to them.

3) During the 2007 provincial election voter turn out was 52.1 per cent; at the time it was a record low. This election the turnout was even worse, with only 47.6 per cent of eligible voters bothering to cast a ballot. To me, as far as the 2011 Ontario provincial elections are concerned, the ever decreasing voter turnout is the scariest thing of all.

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